The Iris Project

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The Iris Project comprises a network of professionals and partners within the esports industry. Together, we help foster a culture of inclusion, belonging and positivity throughout esports and gaming. Our influence stretches globally and online through our team of ambassadors, friends, and allies.


The Iris Project promotes an inclusive and positive environment in esports, gaming, and society. Everyone has the right to dignity, respect, and to feel included; this is why we campaign for a world free of discrimination and one that values difference.


Our ambassadors, partners, and stakeholders advocate for and promote change. We want to see more women and girls, LGBTQIA+, and other marginalised groups within esports and eliminate glass ceilings to careers in the industry.


Within our ever-expanding network, we have a varied and invaluable portfolio of knowledge and expertise. We can develop unique perspectives and innovative strategies by working together, including helping enact policy change.


Our Ambassador Programme is global and open to everyone. It exists to cultivate a diverse community of action, aligned and committed to achieving the mission of The Iris Project.

Ambassadors are formally recognised representatives of the iris project, our unity is unrivalled and together we help to spread the word about our goals and accomplishments.

The application status for our ambassador programme is open all year round. We’re continually seeking to add talent to our pool of ambassadors, those with the same or similar desires in raising awareness for what we stand for and a yearning to see lasting change. We can also find strength in numbers.